UE4 & Spout problems (black textures, memory share, texture share, OpenGL / DirectX Interop warnings)

OK, the main problem seems to be ‘Cannot create DirectX/OpenGL interop’. All the others, such as ‘Couldn’t read Shared Memory’ are not really bugs - just warning & notifications.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any out-of-the-box ideas yet, but I’ll try to reproduce the error tomorrow. The only idea I have atm is that UE4 for some reason uses another GPU (integrated graphics perhaps?)
Reminded me of this post:

Is there any chance you could try on a different computer in the meantime?


This error looks similar to one of the issues I had in the past (Author of the linked issue post). In my case I was running everything on a laptop, and LightAct had been using integrated graphics while UE4 was using the proper card. I believe spout needs both to be running on the same card since it uses shared memory to communicate.

Ensure that both applications are set to the same graphics card, if there are multiple. (NVidia control panel should have these settings) If that’s not the case, then unfortunately my post will be of little help.

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The conversation with @rolfesam switched to PM for some reason, but after I’ve asked him how did it all turn out, he replied this:

Thanks for sharing @rolfesam.