Multiple GPU

i want to run 5 projectors plus 1 GUI monitor from a single system.
can lightact utilize multiple gpu’s?
setup would be:
win 10 pro 64bit
2x quadro rtx4000,
preferable in mosaic mode with nvidia sync
(no sync card, just the cable i think, forgot the definition…)
although, if i need to genlock the system,
can lightact utilize the nvidia sync card?


Our usual workflow with more projectors than GPU outputs would be to use a video splitter. We often use Datapath FX4. It allows you to split, say a 4K output into 4xHD outputs. If you go that way, please be aware that LightAct’s FPS will only be as high as the lowest FPS of all connected devices.

I don’t think LightAct can work efficiently with 2GPUs.

On the other hand, it might be worth trying with mosaic, as we haven’t done that yet. If you do, please let me know. :slight_smile:

LightAct can work with Quadro Sync cards. To be honest, they are working on a much lower hardware level, so I would say any software can use them. All they do is they make sure all GPUs render their frames at the exact same time. It doesn’t ‘touch’ LightAct in any way actually.